Our Vision

is to offset Carbon from companies and individuals by herding trees.

Our Mission

is to maximize the absorption of Co2 by forests in Europe and connect these forests with companies and individuals who wish to participate in our projects.

Our Goal

is to have 100.000 hectares of forest connected with the Treebeard project by end of 2022, which would offset up to 1 million tons of Co2 or the same amount of people in Western Europe.


are very important to us, because where we have our carbon footprint, we would like to offsett it as well. We try to make it personal, something you can visit one day

Our Projects

are local, are personal and we aim to build a community around it to make it work on the long term

Treebeard Certification

is more than just bragging rights. We audit our forests on a yearly basis and certify you on what offset you support with your share in a particular forest.

As Treebeard

would say: "“For it is easier to shout 'Stop', than to do it” - the Treebeard Project is helping you to do something instead of thinking about it. Every little bit helps.

Are we unique?

In some aspects we are, for example that we aim for forest closest to the offset. We don't just want to plant trees, we want people to enjoy them and be involved.